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About the webmaster

Basic info ! cynthia

Hello ! my username is Rhiannon but you can call me Rhia!. I'm not sure how to describe myself without being a nasty character (?) well, my main hobbies are coding and gaming also collecting CRTs, and virtualization of retro software, like Windows 9.X, Windows NT and MS-DOS, I'm also a huge collector of radios! and turntables!. I listen to rock and folk music, my main interests are centered on technology, videogames, and online privacy. I know several coding languages, like R, SQL, HTML/CSS and a little bit of Typescript.
I started this web with purpose on working on my mental health, like a way to express my thoughts and my feelings. I don't know, maybe like a personal blog, whereas I do not usually talk to people in real life, just distant discord friends; so this may improve my life quality somehow, I' m working on that to make new friends !

My favorite videogames are
star Earthbound
star Half Life
star Microsoft Flight Simulator
star Old School Runescape

Also a huge Dragon Quest fan !

Music I listen and I do recommend ! Maybe you'll like it!

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