Radios and turntables must be my main hiperfixations, I collect them since I was fourteen years old. I haven't posted yet about this since I have a few traumas talking about this.
My goal is to make all of them 100% functional, but I don't have time nor technical knowledge about electronics, in the meanwhile I'm investigating.

What are radios?

Well radios are sound communication systems who transmite via radio waves. If you were born after 1920 you probably know what are them.

What are turntables?

It is a device to play music through vinyls or acetate disks. Vinyls can come in different formats and sizes, being the most common ones 7" 45 RPM and 12" 33 1/3 RPM, but it is also possible to find 10" 78 RPM and 16 RPM were made on 7" and 12", but they are incredibly hard to find. vinyl Example of different vinyl formats
Company Model Year Country Description Picture
National Panasonic SG-1400F 1980 Japan Fully operational equip, it includes radio AM-FM, turntable, tape recorder and aux cord. panasonic_national
Sony HMK-4000 1975 Japan This one is a big radio, it weights 20 kg. The needle is really expensive but it is one of the best setups ever made by Sony in the 70's. It includes also AM-FM radio and tape recorder. sony_hmk-3000_stereo_music_system
SABA Salzburg International Model SB18 1966 Germany This is a Radio Cabinet. It has a radio SABA and a turntable: ELAC 160 automatic record changer. Both setups are inside a pretty elegant furniture. This particular radio works with CRT's also the radio signal indicator works with "magic eye"!
magiceye An example of magic eye, it is used to show how good is the radio signal
BSR Monarch UA15 1963 England Small pasive turntable, it must be connected to other radio to work. The curious part about this specific model is that it can reproduce 78 RPM records and 16 RPM records. And it also has a double needle! bsr_great_britain
Telefunken Transistar 7281 T 1963 Western Germany Red colored small portable radio which uses six D batteries, inside it has a beautiful electronic architecture! telefunken
Phillips Chilena S.A. B4SA57A 1954 Chile Big and heavy AM only radio with pick-up. The most interesting part about this is it has labeled most of chilean radio stations who were active in the 50's. None of them exist anymore because FM Radio replaced all of them. So its kind of useless nowadays unless you connect it to a pick-up turntable. phillips
Toshiba Transistor 7P-70A 1969 Japan Red coloured and pocket-portable AM radio with 3.5 mm jack for headphones toshiba
General Electric 7-2500 1980 United States (but made in Korea) Small black-coloured portable AM/FM radio with antenna! and headphone jack GE