Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 Chilean Aircraft Museum!

This website is dedicated to preserve registers of Microsoft Flight Simulator 98! Most of them are add-ons and mods downloaded from several websites through the internet. These mods were downloaded from Simviation in the section "FS98". Special credits to Mr. Abad who made most of these wonderful models.

What is Microsoft Flight Simulator 98?
It is a vintage flight simulator made for Windows 98, its one of my favorite games because it is easy to mod, also it has some wonderful aesthetics. People back in the 90's and early 2000's made a lot of custom content and addons to improve the gaming experience.

How did you run this game?
I used VM's to run Windows 98 OS 2.5. with patches installed to run with 32-bit deep colour!, then I installed MS Flight Simulator 98 .iso and then the patches v1.1 and Flight Shop so you can play with custom aircrafts and maps. There are more mods there that improve weather and random interactions with airports, but I dont know exactly how to use them.

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